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Smooth Moves

David Rhodes and Bryce Foster

Boy Bang

Jamie Ray and Tristan Adler

Tweeting Twinks

Devin Lewis and Adam Hunt

Doggy Style

Gabe Isaac and Trevor Harris

My Favorite Part

Nicholas Romero and Dustin Cook

Student Bareback

Adam Hunt and Bryce Foster

Thick Dick

Jared Scott and Tristan Adler

High Tide

Jamie Ray and Devin Lewis

Raw Reunion

Caleb Gray and Dustin Cook

Mutual Feelings

Trevor Harris and Jamie Ray

Study Break

Caleb Gray and Adam Hunt

Season of Giving

Dustin Cook and Tristan Adler

Hot and Horny

Devin Lewis and Caleb Gray

Teen Orgy

Gabe Isaac, Jared Scott, Devin Lewis, Caleb Gray and Adam Hunt

Naughty Nicholas

Jared Scott and Nicholas Romero

Jump In

Dustin Cook and Adam Hunt

Newbie Bryce Foster

Bryce Foster Solo Session

Puppy Love

Jamie Ray and Bryce Foster

Nicholas Romero

Sexy teen boy Nicholas Romero is a lovely latin from LA

Playing with Balls

Gabe Isaac and Dustin Cook

Raw Ride

Jamie Ray and Nicholas Romero

Dirty Boys

Jared Scott and Jimmy Andrews


Alan Davis and Caleb Gray

Morning Bang

Alan Davis and Dustin Cook

Hung Twinks

Gabe Isaac and David Rhodes

Wet and Wild

Devin Lewis and Jimmy Andrews

Park Date

Jared Scott and Adam Hunt

Feels Nice

Jamie Ray and Caleb Gray